Optimized Claims Workflows


Proactively monitor and predict storm losses, while reducing claims expenses. 

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Intelligent Notifications

Real-time severe weather monitoring and notifications inform stakeholders the moment an event has impacted their policyholders.


Street-level Analysis

Post-event imagery helps clarify event severity and helps optimize response strategy.


Claims Predictions

Advanced machine learning models empower claims teams to properly allocate resources and develop a proactive claims management plan.

Keep your claims team ahead of the storm this severe weather season.

Opterrix empowers claims teams with proactive insights into upcoming storm activity and proprietary weather data that identifies when and where severe weather will strike.

The result is that insurers are better prepared, more engaged with customers, and empowered to drive a proactive claims strategy. Thus encouraging swift loss adjusting and reducing fraud potential.

“Opterrix has built some of the most sophisticated weather modeling and analytics capabilities in the industry. This partnership will enable us to enhance the precision and speed with which we respond to hurricanes, severe storms, wildfires, and other catastrophe events.

We have already begun leveraging Opterrix to reach out proactively to policyholders within hours of damaging hailstorms and to streamline claims processing.”

Paul VanderMarck
Chief Technology and Innovation Officer
SageSure Insurance



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