Enterprise Risk Analysis

Calculating Risk with Real-time Insights

  • Instant access to all policies and claims data empowers real-time planning
  • Powerful mapping algorithms deliver precise identification and measurement
  • Real-time weather peril integrations provide proactive awareness of potentially catastrophic events
Enterprise Risk Analysis

Automated Moratoriums

Protect the Enterprise from Impending Disasters

  • Monitor natural peril events (wildfire, hail, wind, earthquake, flood)
  • Deliver early warning notifications to all internal stakeholders
  • Automate integration into policy administration core to eliminate unwanted risks bound
Automated Moratoriums

Advanced Underwriting Insights

Process Applications and Renewals Faster

  • Identify and visualize top catastrophe risk accumulations in real-time
  • Historical weather queries provide insight into previous impactful storm events
  • Manage accumulation of customized net exposed limits by territory
  • Integrate into underwriting systems with web service APIs
Advanced Underwriting Insights

“Opterrix helps us to identify, monitor, measure, and mitigate risks throughout our portfolio.”

Chief Risk Officer – Top 10 Carrier